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We supply spinning reels on light to medium rods for casting in the rivers. Also have heavier conventional reels and rods for live baiting cuberas and offshore bottom fishing. A typical snook setup is a light spinner with 15# test (mono). We are using braided lines on most reels now which will give more line test with smaller diameter. You are welcome to bring and of your own equipment as you see fit. We have some rods for baitcasters so if you want to bring your reel, we may have the rod you need for it. The airlines receive a rod carrier (sportive equipment) and count it as one of your allowed checked articles.


  • Mann’s Stretch +30 – Red nose, Green tiger; deep diver for reef and occasional river fishing…cubera, grouper, snapper, wahoo, kings, tarpon.
  • Mann’s Stretch +25 – Red nose, Green; deep diver for reef and river fishing…cubera, grouper, snapper.
  • 8AFT Bomber 4″ Equipped with Special Saltwater Hooks – fire tiger; very effective on snook, also smaller tarpon and cubera
  • Cisco Kid 10″ – blue / silver, fire tiger, and red nose; cubera, tarpon, reef fishing.
  • Shad Heads (1/2 & 1 oz) w/4″ chartreuse green and misc. colored shad bodies; effective on cubera, snook, and tarpon.
  • Monty’s 1/2 oz Grumpy Feather Jigs – gold, white, sparkles, and yellow; effective on cubera, snook, and tarpon.
  • Monty’s 1/4 oz Jigglers – brown, green, pink, and white; effective in the flats on bonefish and permit.
  • Eagle Claw L2005 9/0 hooks, plus similar…larger and smaller.
  • Misc. Lead Sinkers

We are now testing the Mann’s Gigantcus G50+ offshore. The huge size is apparent when pictured next to our familiar 8AFT Bomber. This lure will not be standard issue at this time… we will keep you posted on the results.



SPECIES Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Snook E G G G E E E G G E E E
Cubera Snapper E E E G F F F F G E E E
Tarpon F G G E E E E E E G G F
Permit E E G F F F F F F F F G
Bonefish G G E E E G G E E E E G
Black Grouper E E E E G G G G G G G E
Yellowtail Snapper G G E E G F F F G G G G
Wahoo E E E E E G G G G G E E
    ©ActionBelize.com   Chart created by Doug Kelly, Managing Editor Florida Sportsman Magazine, August 2000


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