Reservation Policy

Reservations, Cancellations, and Risk Waiver

Confirmed Reservation / Deposit Required: A deposit is required at time of booking to confirm a reservation. Deposit may vary according to type of activity, number of guests, and season of trip.

Substitution of Activities: Although our fishing and tours probably have a 95% success rate as going according to plan, weather and other natural occurring conditions beyond our control may render a particular trip or in-country destination unsuitable or unsafe. We reserve the right to substitute an in-country destination or tour of comparable value. An example would be rough seas that make reef fishing in open outside water uncomfortable or unsafe… river fishing in the protected jungle rivers would be an excellent alternative. Heavy rains inland could swell rivers to a level that would make cave tubing unsafe, or make a road to a specific destination flood, etc. Your safety is primary concern, and even though it is a rare occurrence that we need to substitute an alternate plan, we reserve the right to do so and appreciate your understanding and cooperation in such matters.

Warranty: Action Belize staff and associates are eager to serve you in a highly professional matter and will work hard to help you meet the goals of your trip. Since fishing and most tours are adventure outdoor-based activities, changes in your planned agenda may be necessary because of safety issues. See Substitution of Activities statement above. Even though Belize is famous for its World Class Fishing, changing conditions beyond our control (wind velocity, wind direction, cloud cover, rain, water clarity, bait availability, tides, etc.) make it impossible to guarantee a specific catch (species, numbers, or size) on a specific day of fishing. No warranty of such is ever given. We do not have access to and are not responsible for customer’s fish that may be kept in our freezer or the hotel freezer. Requests for specific guide(s) will be accepted; however, we reserve the right to substitute another guide if unforeseen circumstances render a requested guide unavailable on specific day(s).


Trip Insurance: Medical and trip interruption / cancellation insurance is available and recommended to limit your financial loss in the event of medical, cancellation, or interruption. Travel Guard at (800) 826-4919 or Med-Ex at (800)732-5309. Travel Guard is preferred as it includes weather reasons for cancellations, Med-Ex does not.

Cancellation Fees: If you have a valid excuse for canceling a trip, Action Belize will make every effort to reschedule your trip or execute a refund if you need to totally cancel. Our history shows that we have usually refunded all or nearly all of the trip when serious stuff causes one of our guests to cancel. However, we can be bound to the cancellation policies of certain vendors with whom we contract, so each situation can be different.

Action Belize cancels trip: This would be extremely rare, but if an unforeseen circumstance caused us to cancel a trip, a total refund will be offered, but our financial liability shall be limited to the amount actually paid and shall not cover any other costs incurred by the guest.

Itinerary Changes and Unused Services: We reserve the right to make itinerary changes necessary due to weather conditions or other factors beyond our control. No partial refunds or credits will be given for unused services and usually no refunds are allowed after the trip has begun.

Delayed Arrival or Departure: Any conditions out of our control that delay your arrival or departure may add to your cost. All extra charges caused by travel delays or any variations from the itinerary (early departure, evacuation) will be at customer expense.


Safety and Risks: Your safety is a primary concern with Action Belize. We reserve the right to recommend an alternate activity or decline service to someone who at the time appears either physically, mentally, or emotionally unfit; and thereby causing additional risk to self or other participants. Since outdoor based adventure activities in a natural setting such as scuba, snorkeling, ruins exploration, caving; in- country air, land, or sea transportation; and any other land or sea based activities, contain inherent risks; we cannot guarantee your safety; therefore the final decision needs to be made by you judging the activity and knowing your physical ability and limits to participate in such. For certain higher risk activities, you may be required to sign a specific Waiver of Liability. Action Belize assumes no responsibility for injury to trip members, their personal belongings, or for time and expense that might be incurred. You should have insurance or personal financial responsibility to cover costs of any injury or damage that might occur. Certain activities require you to be in good health and confident of your personal abilities to participate in such activities. See travel insurance recommendations above.