Cubera Snapper on Fly Rod

Cubera Snapper on Fly Rod

  This week Bill Turner landed this 15# toothy Cubera Snapper with his fly rod. Ask any fly angler… this just doesn’t happen very often… cubera on the fly! Nice job Bill. Most of us are just happy to do this on spinning or conventional...

More River Monsters!

These River Monsters keep showing up. The toothy Cubera is a challenge for sure!  He takes off like a gun shot, but if you can hold on for the first 10 minutes, you will have a chance on getting him to the boat.  Saturday June 3, 2017

River Monster Caught

You don’t have to watch River Monsters on TV… Come on down and get them here.  This toothy Cubera Snapper can easily exceed 100 lbs.  No need to go offshore as they are lurking in the jungle rivers.  When you hook up you better hold on and hope they...