Richard Young, Jr., Master Guide / Professional Fisherman

Snook on the Beach!!

48" Snook , need we say more?

Snook, a species rapidly disappearing in the United States, thrive in these abundant waters, where 10 to 30 pounders are the rule. Record Snook, Tarpon, Permit, Grouper, King Mackerel, Snapper, Cubera, and Bonefish all abundantly thrive in the waters at Belize. No need to fight rough waters offshore as many are in the shallow waters and rivers that flow into the Caribbean Sea. The sheltered jungle brackish water rivers are host to an abundance of salt water species.  We accommodate all talents, from the novice to the serious, to the special needs of Fly Fishermen.

Tarpon, whose airborne acrobatics are legendary, range from 20 to over 200 pounds.
This tarpon too big to hoist out of the water!!
You just can't be sure what might jump out of those rivers on the way to snook, tarpon, and cubera. This toothy barracuda messed with Pete Fischer, but Pete won the fight!
Tyler Coghlan (L), his brother Byden (R), and father Terry from Bastrop, Texas in a dramatic 15 minute "run the reel off 4 times" fight. This 100+ pound monster cubera finally gave up on the 80# test line. 

Nice permit in the river!!!

Looking for clues...
Boating to one of the "special" fishing holes.
Pushing the throttle up... these boats "fly" to the fish!
Ken Mayhall & Rick Glaser... another fine day at the office!

Enjoy trolling or casting in the warmth of the lush tropical forest. Iguanas, monkeys, and brilliant tropical birds watch from the trees. Orchids, bromeliads, and coconut palms line the banks. The reef-protected coastline has numerous flats that host the elusive bonefish and hard-fighting permit which are in residence year round.

Action Belize guides are the best in Central and South America. Whether you be a professional fisherman, or a not so serious fisherman, Action Belize guides will work for your best interest... you will want you to come back again and again! Action Belize boats are 25-27' center console equipped with live wells, electronics, and communications; powered with dependable Yamaha engines.
John rigging up... we've got 'em spotted.
Brody Smith with the strike... the fight is on!
Ready with the net... patience is a plus...
...then the payoff!!!! A pretty snook!


But this is the real payoff... the evening dining! Wait, that's not fish... they all have lobster smiles! (Ken Mayhall group with the evening lobster feast)

This is fine dining at our Biltmore Hotel!

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Action Belize has been serving the Belize market for over a quarter century! Unlike a mere booking agent, our full-time professional staff members stand ready to serve your every need. Our personal touch combined with a proven track record, will produce the performance and satisfaction you expect.

"I believe after 55 years fishing (mostly with guides), we have the top ten captains/guides in the Caribbean (in their field). The targets are tarpon, snook, cubera snapper, bonefish, permit, wahoo, jewfish, grouper, red snapper, kingfish, and all types of reef fish. If there are fish anywhere, our captain/guides know where and how. Whether fishing, cave tubing, diving, snorkeling, or sightseeing, our guides are first-class... outstanding in their field."

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